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Mrs India Worldwide is the destination of real beauty. A platform that recognises the exemplary strength and distinctive personality of married women, Mrs India Worldwide pageant takes pride in the wives and mothers of India. An initiative of Shri Sai Entertainments, Mrs India WorldWide has been revolutionsing the beauty pageant industry by forging a new kind of model that seamlessly brings together the contestants, designers, groomers, trainers, and media professionals with a single purpose of empowering women since 2008. For the last nine years, a bevy of charming and inspirational women have broadened their horizons and discovered a side to them they think didn't exist by participating in the pageant. This has made Mrs India WorldWide the biggest and the principal beauty pageant platform in India.


To catalyse, transform, and empower women in India and around the world by providing a unique, central, and progressive platform that allows them to harness their talents and unleash their potentials. By incorporating the virtues of consistency, integrity, and passion, we seek to change the world of beauty pageants by daring to ignite the mind, inspiring the spirit, and penetrating the heart of women all around the globe.


Mrs India Worldwide envisions a future where all married women realise that they are strong, beautiful, and complete and act to inspire women for generations to come. We create a positive domino effect that makes Mrs India Worldwide as the stepping-stone for success for all the incredible women around the world.

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